White Coppertop Ranch with Suet Feeders


This Nantucket styling ranch feeder is a fusion of coastal weathered white wood with the refinement of a copper roof. This hopper style ranch feeder has a 5-lb mixed seed capacity and 2 metal suet cages. Clear plastic hopper lets you monitor seed levels; lift the hinged roof to fill. Heavy metal cable included for hanging. Decorative and functional a beautiful addition to any backyard or garden!

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Birds attracted to this feeder include Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, Finches, Wrens, and other small songbirds.

Seed or Feed Options: Black oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, safflower, nyjer (thistle), millet, cracked corn, peanut halves, mixed seed, suet or seed cakes

Seed Capacity: 5 lb. seed plus 2 standard suet or seed cakes

Dimensions: 13.12″L x 9.45″W x 9.25″H; Weight: 4.12 lbs.