Pet foods include both the Nestle Purina brands as well as the Nutreco brand feeds. Dogs, Cats, Gerbils, hamsters, parrots, budgies, lab rats and snakes are some of the pets we support.

We carry animal health products for dairy, sheep, beef, goats, pigs, horse, dogs, and cats.

Our Horse section features a full tack selection in English and Western, health remedies, supplements, and gifts that are unique to the industry.

Our grass seed is all Canada Certified #1 seed from Ontario, no offshore cheaper blends ever. Your lawn will look good year after year. We can get you that luxurious lawn without chemicals. Golf course owners and home owners alike shop at Camlachie Feed.

Bird seed is dust and fines free with a large selection of individual seeds so you can attract the birds you want. Pre-mixed seed blends are also popular for general bird attraction. We stock feeders for most birds and feeders that keep out squirrels.

Spring chick days will stock you up with the chicks, feed, feeders and know how to raise your own food for the freezer or eggs for breakfast or pets to admire.

Home raised freezer beef is available for order.