Bird Seed Container


Keep your bird seed fresh with the Woodlink Dual-PourSeed Container. This 32 quart plastic storage container features the patented Dual-Pour lid. It’s great for birdseed, pet food and pet litter. No scoops, spills or bugs.

  • Keep your seed dry and pest free with this extra large container
  • Made of clear, heavy-duty plastic, it keeps the contents safe from moisture and pests and allows you to monitor seed level also
  • Container features a tight lid with two ways to pour: flip top or pour spout making for easier filling of bird feeders with less spilling
  • Use it to fill any top open type feeder
  • Easily fill with seed by removing the entire lid or cut off the top of the bag and place the bag of seed in the container, tuck the Bag-Gripper extra plastic on the lid inside the bag and snap the lid back on

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