Brooks FibreLite

A complete ration with an enhanced fibre content from beet pulp, soy hulls and alfalfa. Ideal as a partial hay replacer or as a light concentrate for easy keepers.

Please call the store for pricing as it changes with each delivery.

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Fibrelite is an enhanced fibre feed for use as a moderate energy, low NSC concentrate or as a partial hay replacer. Fibrelite draws energy primarily from high quality fibre without “filler fibres” common in lower quality feeds. The very low NSC (non-structural carbohydrate) level makes Fibrelite a good choice for horses diagnosed with Cushings, Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, insulin resistance, excitability, or chronic laminitis. Fibrelite can be used as a partial substitute for hay where sufficient hay is in short supply or must be restricted. Soaking before feeding is recommended.