Purina Equilibrium Equalizer

Equilibrium Equilizer is a low calorie,
low sugar/starch, nutrient dense
pellet with elevated minerals and
vitamins, containing up to 5 times the
vitamin-mineral content of most feeds.
This supplement is also classified
as a ration balancer.

Please contact the store for pricing as it fluctuates weekly.


Purina makes two ration balancers: Equilibrium
Equilizer and Equilibrium Optimal.
The difference between the two is that
Equilizer is formulated for inactive
adult and performance horses,
including pony and miniature horses,
whereas Optimal is formulated for
broodmares and growing horses. This
recommendation is based on feeding
Equilizer along with a typical horse hay.
However, if Equilizer is fed exclusively
with a low protein hay (<8% protein),
then Optimal could be a better choice.