Vegetable Seeds

We have a complete selection of OSC seeds.  Herbs, vegetables, annuals and perennials are all available.  Some annuals and vegetables come in Jumbo Packs  as well.  Prices range from $1.99 to $5.99

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Type Variety  Category 
Amaranth Red Garnet Aimers Int’l Veg
Arugula Wild Roquette Aimers Int’l Veg
Bean French Horticulture Aimers Int’l Veg
Bean Provider Aimers Int’l Veg
Bean Golden Butterwax Aimers Int’l Veg
Beet German Lutz Aimers Int’l Veg
Beet Rainbow Blend Aimers Int’l Veg
Beet Robin Hybrid Baby Beet Aimers Int’l Veg
Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting Aimers Int’l Veg
Cabbage China Express Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Cabbage Brunswick Sauerkraut Aimers Int’l Veg
Carrot Parisian Aimers Int’l Veg
Carrot Kuroda Aimers Int’l Veg
Carrot Tendersweet Aimers Int’l Veg
Cauliflower Romanesco Aimers Int’l Veg
Celery Chinese Tianjin Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Celery Amsterdam Leaf Aimers Int’l Veg
Chicory Culinary Blend Culinary Blend Aimers Int’l Veg
Chili Pepper Button Mix Aimers Int’l Veg
Chinese Broccoli Blue Jade Hybrid (Gai Lan) Aimers Int’l Veg
Cucumber Early Spring Burpless Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Cucumber Japanese Long Aimers Int’l Veg
Cucumber Calypso Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Eggplant Green Punjab (Baingan Bharta) Aimers Int’l Veg
Lettuce Green Ice Aimers Int’l Veg
Lettuce Bronze Mignonette Aimers Int’l Veg
Melon Santa Claus Aimers Int’l Veg
Mustard Greens Osaka Purple Aimers Int’l Veg
Onion Welsh Bunching Aimers Int’l Veg
Onion Rossa Lunga di Firenze Aimers Int’l Veg
Orach Red Fire Aimers Int’l Veg
Pak Choi Mei Qing Choi Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Parsley Giant of Italy Aimers Int’l Veg
Pea Early Perfection Aimers Int’l Veg
Pepper Alma Paprica Aimers Int’l Veg
Pepper Cayenne Blend Aimers Int’l Veg
Pepper Aroma Chili Aimers Int’l Veg
Pumpkin Musquee de Provence Aimers Int’l Veg
Radish Watermelon Aimers Int’l Veg
Radish Fire Candle Aimers Int’l Veg
Radish German Giant Aimers Int’l Veg
Rhubarb Victoria Aimers Int’l Veg
Snap Pea Sugar Lace II Aimers Int’l Veg
Snow Pea Mammoth Melting Sugar Aimers Int’l Veg
Spinach Red Malabar Aimers Int’l Veg
Spinach Imperial Green Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Squash Naples Long Aimers Int’l Veg
Squash Cream of The Crop Aimers Int’l Veg
Tomato Costoluto Genovese Aimers Int’l Veg
Tomato Big Rainbow Aimers Int’l Veg
Tomato San Marzano Aimers Int’l Veg
Tomato Principe Borghese Aimers Int’l Veg
Tomato Sweet Million Hybrid Aimers Int’l Veg
Zucchini Ronde De Nice Aimers Int’l Veg
Beans Tendergreen Aimers Org. Veg.
Beans Golden Wax Aimers Org. Veg.
Beans Blue Lake Aimers Org. Veg.
Beet Early Wonder Aimers Org. Veg.
Beet Cylindra Aimers Org. Veg.
Beet Chioggia Guardsmark Aimers Org. Veg.
Beet Touchstone Gold Aimers Org. Veg.
Broccoli Green Sprouting Aimers Org. Veg.
Cabbage Baby Pak Choi Aimers Org. Veg.
Cantaloupe Heart Of Gold Aimers Org. Veg.
Carrot Nantes Coreless Aimers Org. Veg.
Carrot Chantenay Aimers Org. Veg.
Carrot Rainbow Blend Aimers Org. Veg.
Corn Supersweet 2171 Aimers Org. Veg.
Cucumber Marketmore 76 Aimers Org. Veg.
Cucumber Wisconsin Smr 58 Aimers Org. Veg.
Cucumber Homemade Pickles Aimers Org. Veg.
Kale Red Russian Aimers Org. Veg.
Leek Giant Musselburg Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Buttercrunch Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Red Salad Bowl Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Marveille Four Seasons Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Paris Island Cos Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Amish Deer Tongue Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Tom Thumb Aimers Org. Veg.
Lettuce Greens Mizuna Aimers Org. Veg.
Mesclun Mesclun Mixture Aimers Org. Veg.
Okra Clemson        Spineless Aimers Org. Veg.
Onion Bunching Evergreen Aimers Org. Veg.
Peas Oregon Sugar Pod Aimers Org. Veg.
Peas Laxton’s Progress Aimers Org. Veg.
Peppers California Wonder Aimers Org. Veg.
Peppers Jalapeno Aimers Org. Veg.
Pumpkin Big Max Aimers Org. Veg.
Pumpkin Small Sugar Aimers Org. Veg.
Radish Cherry Belle Aimers Org. Veg.
Radish Daikon Aimers Org. Veg.
Radish Easter Egg Aimers Org. Veg.
Radish French Breakfast Aimers Org. Veg.
Radish Sparkler Aimers Org. Veg.
Spinach Bloomsdale Aimers Org. Veg.
Squash Golden Zucchini Aimers Org. Veg.
Squash Buttercup Aimers Org. Veg.
Squash Table Queen Aimers Org. Veg.
Squash Waltham Butternut Aimers Org. Veg.
Swiss Chard Fordhook Aimers Org. Veg.
Swiss Chard Rainbow Aimers Org. Veg.
Tomato Beef Steak Aimers Org. Veg.
Tomato San Marzano Aimers Org. Veg.
Tomato Brandywine Aimers Org. Veg.
Tomato Sweetie Aimers Org. Veg.
Watermelon Sugar Baby Aimers Org. Veg.
Zucchini Dark Green Aimers Org. Veg.
Carrot Chantenay Red AO Tapes 2022
Kale Siberian AO Tapes 2022
Mesclun French Salad Mix AO Tapes 2022
Onion White Lisbon Bunching AO Tapes 2022
Parsley Moss Curled AO Tapes 2022
Radish Sparkler AO Tapes 2022
Bean Dwarf Horticultural OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Blue Lake Bush OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Brittle Wax OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Contender OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Golden Wax OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Gold Rush OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Pencil Pod Black Wax OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Romano Bush OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Royal Burgundy OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Slenderette OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Stringless OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Tendergreen OSC 4″ x 5″
Broad Beans Broad Windsor Fava OSC 4″ x 5″
Bush Beans Fordhook Lima OSC 4″ x 5″
Corn Sugar Baby OSC 4″ x 5″
Corn Nirvana OSC 4″ x 5″
Ornamental Corn OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Alderman OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Early Frosty OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Green Arrow OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Homesteader or Lincoln OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Laxtons Prog. No. 9 OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Little Marvel OSC 4″ x 5″
Peas Thomas Laxton OSC 4″ x 5″
Pole Beans Kenucky Wonder Green OSC 4″ x 5″
Pole Beans Blue Lake FM-1 OSC 4″ x 5″
Pole Beans Scarlet Runner OSC 4″ x 5″
Pole Beans Kentucky Wonder Wax OSC 4″ x 5″
Popcorn Robust R98114w OSC 4″ x 5″
Snap Peas Sugar Snap OSC 4″ x 5″
Snap Peas Little Crunch OSC 4″ x 5″
Snow Peas Dwarf Grey Sugar OSC 4″ x 5″
Snow Peas Oregon Sugar Pod II OSC 4″ x 5″
Snow Peas Little Purple OSC 4″ x 5″
Soy Bean Besweet OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Bodacious OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Golden Bantam OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Honey & Cream OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Peaches & Cream OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Sunnyvee OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Golden Jubilee OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Big Jim III OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Eden OSC 4″ x 5″
Sweet Corn Honey Select OSC 4″ x 5″
Beans Tendergreen OSC Jumbo
Beans Slenderette OSC Jumbo
Beans Royal Burgundy OSC Jumbo
Beans Kentucky Wonder Green OSC Jumbo
Beans Pencil Pod Black Wax OSC Jumbo
Beans Golden Wax OSC Jumbo
Beans Brittle Wax OSC Jumbo
Detroit 30 g Detroit Dark Red OSC Jumbo
Lettuce Salad Collection OSC Jumbo
Peas Little Marvel OSC Jumbo
Peas Homesteader or Lincoln OSC Jumbo
Peas Green Arrow OSC Jumbo
Peas Laxton’s Progress No. 9 OSC Jumbo
Peas Sugar Snap Vine OSC Jumbo
Snow Peas Oregon Sugar Pod II OSC Jumbo
Sweet Corn Peaches N Cream OSC Jumbo
Sweet Corn Bodacious OSC Jumbo
Sweet Corn Sunnyvee OSC Jumbo
Sweet Corn Big Jim III OSC Jumbo
Sweet Corn Golden Bantam OSC Jumbo
Beet Nobel OSC Seed Tapes
Carrot Mercurio OSC Seed Tapes
Lettuce Salad Bowl OSC Seed Tapes
Mesclun Mix OSC Seed Tapes
Radish Cherry Belle OSC Seed Tapes
Spinach Viking OSC Seed Tapes
Artichoke Green Globe Imp. OSC Veg.
Asparagus Mary Washington OSC Veg.
Bean Dwarf Horticultural Taylor OSC Veg.
Bean Romano Bush OSC Veg.
Bean French Filet Serengeti OSC Veg.
Beans Bush Blue Lake OSC Veg.
Beans Brittle Wax OSC Veg.
Beans Golden Wax OSC Veg.
Beans Outlaw OSC Veg.
Beans Pencil Pod OSC Veg.
Beans Royal Burgundy OSC Veg.
Beans Slenderette OSC Veg.
Beans Tendergreen OSC Veg.
Beans Blue Lake FM1 OSC Veg.
Beans Rattlesnake OSC Veg.
Beans Kentucky Wonder Wax OSC Veg.
Beet Albino OSC Veg.
Beet Bull’s Blood OSC Veg.
Beet Golden OSC Veg.
Beet Chioggia OSC Veg.
Beet Cylindra OSC Veg.
Beet Detroit Dark Red OSC Veg.
Beet Early Wonder OSC Veg.
Beet Lutz Green Leaf OSC Veg.
Beet Red Ace OSC Veg.
Bitter Gourd Long Green OSC Veg.
Broad Bean Broad Windsor Fava OSC Veg.
Broccoli Aspabroc Hybrid Baby Broccoli OSC Veg.
Broccoli Green Sprouting OSC Veg.
Broccoli Green Magic OSC Veg.
Broccoli Raab Rapini OSC Veg.
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Imp OSC Veg.
Brussels Sprouts Redarling OSC Veg.
Cabbage Copenhagen Market OSC Veg.
Cabbage Danish Ballhead OSC Veg.
Cabbage Golden Acre OSC Veg.
Cabbage Early Gregorian Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield OSC Veg.
Cabbage Late Flat Dutch OSC Veg.
Cabbage Red Express OSC Veg.
Cabbage Savoy Chieftan OSC Veg.
Cabbage Chinese Toy Choi OSC Veg.
Cantaloupe Delicious 51 OSC Veg.
Cantaloupe Earlichamp Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cantaloupe Hale’s Best OSC Veg.
Cantaloupe Halona Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cantaloupe Passport Hybrid OSC Veg.
Carrots Atomic Red OSC Veg.
Carrots Baby Finger OSC Veg.
Carrots Chantenay Red OSC Veg.
Carrots Danvers Half-Long OSC Veg.
Carrots Imperator OSC Veg.
Carrots Lunar White OSC Veg.
Carrots Triton OSC Veg.
Carrots Nantes Coreless OSC Veg.
Carrots Rainbow Blend OSC Veg.
Carrots Solar Yellow OSC Veg.
Cauliflower Super Snowball Self Blanching OSC Veg.
Cauliflower Snow Crown (Hybrid) OSC Veg.
Celeriac Giant Prague OSC Veg.
Celery Tall Utah OSC Veg.
Chicory Chioggia Variegata OSC Veg.
Chicory Catalogna OSC Veg.
Chicory Rossi Di Treviso OSC Veg.
Chicory Witloof OSC Veg.
Chinese Cabbage Michihli OSC Veg.
Chinese Cabbage Pak Choi OSC Veg.
Chinese Green Tsoi-Sim OSC Veg.
Collards Vates OSC Veg.
Corn Salad Lamb’s Lettuce OSC Veg.
Cress Extra Curled OSC Veg.
Cress True Watercress OSC Veg.
Cucumber Armenian OSC Veg.
Cucumber Burpless Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber Chicago Pickling OSC Veg.
Cucumber Corentine Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber English Telegraph OSC Veg.
Cucumber Lemon OSC Veg.
Cucumber Marketmore OSC Veg.
Cucumber Mercury Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber Mouse Melon OSC Veg.
Cucumber Olympian Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber Patio Snacker Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber Raider Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber Regal Hybrid OSC Veg.
Cucumber Straight Eight OSC Veg.
Cucumber Suyo Long OSC Veg.
Cucumber Wisconsin SMR 58 OSC Veg.
Eggplant Black Beauty OSC Veg.
Eggplant Rosa Bianca OSC Veg.
Endive Early Green Moss Curled OSC Veg.
Endive Broad Leaved Batavian OSC Veg.
Garland Round Leaf OSC Veg.
Hot Pepper Hot Ancho Poblano OSC Veg.
Hot Pepper Hot Durango OSC Veg.
Hot Pepper Habanero OSC Veg.
Hot Pepper Serrano OSC Veg.
Indian Mustard Giant Red OSC Veg.
Japanese Green Mitsuba OSC Veg.
Kale Dwarf Curled Scotch OSC Veg.
Kale Lacinato OSC Veg.
Kale Red Russian OSC Veg.
Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna OSC Veg.
Kohl Rabi White Vienna OSC Veg.
Leek Large Musselburg OSC Veg.
Lettuce Baby Leaf Blend OSC Veg.
Lettuce Bibb OSC Veg.
Lettuce Buttercrunch OSC Veg.
Lettuce Grand Rapids OSC Veg.
Lettuce Great Lakes OSC Veg.
Lettuce Iceberg OSC Veg.
Lettuce Lolla Rosso OSC Veg.
Lettuce Oakleaf OSC Veg.
Lettuce Prizehead OSC Veg.
Lettuce Red Romaine OSC Veg.
Lettuce Ruby Red OSC Veg.
Lettuce Salad Bowl OSC Veg.
Lettuce Outrageous Red OSC Veg.
Lettuce Speckles OSC Veg.
Lettuce White Boston OSC Veg.
Lettuce Red Oakleaf OSC Veg.
Lima Bean Fordhook OSC Veg.
Mangel Giant Red OSC Veg.
Mesclun Mixture Salad Greens OSC Veg.
Mesclun Mixture Spicy Italian OSC Veg.
Mesclun Mixture Mild Mix OSC Veg.
Mustard Greens Southern Giant Curled OSC Veg.
Onions Ailsa Craig OSC Veg.
Onions Early Yellow Globe OSC Veg.
Onions Norstar Hybrid OSC Veg.
Onions Red Globe OSC Veg.
Onions Southport White Globe OSC Veg.
Onions White Gem Hybrid OSC Veg.
Onions White Pickling OSC Veg.
Onions White Sweet Spanish OSC Veg.
Onions Walla Walla OSC Veg.
Onions Sweet Spanish Utah OSC Veg.
Ornamental Corn Mixed Colours OSC Veg.
Parsnip Hollow Crown Improved OSC Veg.
Peanut Valencia OSC Veg.
Peas Green Arrow OSC Veg.
Peas Homesteader or Lincoln OSC Veg.
Peas Laxtons Prog. 9 OSC Veg.
Peas Little Marvel OSC Veg.
Pepper Hungarian Yellow Sweet OSC Veg.
Pepper Early Calwonder OSC Veg.
Pepper Golden Calwonder OSC Veg.
Pepper Carribean Red Hot OSC Veg.
Pepper Long Red Cayenne OSC Veg.
Pepper Sweet Cubanelle OSC Veg.
Pepper Encore OSC Veg.
Pepper Gypsy Hybrid OSC Veg.
Pepper Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot OSC Veg.
Pepper Jalapeno (Hot) OSC Veg.
Pepper Marconi Rosso OSC Veg.
Pepper Mexican Hot Mix OSC Veg.
Pepper Orange Sun OSC Veg.
Pepper Pimento OSC Veg.
Pepper Red Cherry Hot OSC Veg.
Pepper Summer Red OSC Veg.
Pole Bean Kentucky Wonder Green OSC Veg.
Popcorn Robust OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Aspen Hybrid OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Atlantic Giant OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Big Max OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Connecticut Field OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Fairy Tale OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Jack Be Little OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Hooligan OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Howden OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Lumina PVP OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Neon Hybrid OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Pumpkin Patch Mix OSC Veg.
Pumpkin Small Sugar or Pie OSC Veg.
Radicchio Verona Red OSC Veg.
Radish Cherry Belle OSC Veg.
Radish China Rose OSC Veg.
Radish China White OSC Veg.
Radish Easter Egg II OSC Veg.
Radish French Breakfast OSC Veg.
Radish Minowase Hybrid OSC Veg.
Radish Purple Plum OSC Veg.
Radish Round Black Spanish OSC Veg.
Radish Scarlet Globe OSC Veg.
Radish Sparkler White Tip OSC Veg.
Radish White Icicle OSC Veg.
Romaine Lettuce Paris Island Cos OSC Veg.
Romaine Letuce Little Gem OSC Veg.
Rutabaga Laurentian OSC Veg.
Salad Green Mizuna OSC Veg.
Salsa Pepper Anaheim OSC Veg.
Salsify Mammoth Sandwich Island OSC Veg.
Snap Pea Sugar Snap Vine OSC Veg.
Snap Pea Little Crunch OSC Veg.
Snow Peas Oregon Sugar Pod II OSC Veg.
Snow Peas Little Purple OSC Veg.
Spinach Bloomsdale Long Standing OSC Veg.
Spinach New Zealand OSC Veg.
Spinach Avon Hybrid OSC Veg.
Spinach Perpetual OSC Veg.
Squash Hybrid Celebration OSC Veg.
Squash Table Queen or Acorn OSC Veg.
Squash Blue Magic Hybrid (Hubbard) OSC Veg.
Squash Bon Bon Hybrid OSC Veg.
Squash Burgess Buttercup OSC Veg.
Squash Turk’s Turban OSC Veg.
Squash Waltham Butternut OSC Veg.
Squash Green Hubbard OSC Veg.
Squash Guatemalan Blue OSC Veg.
Squash Long Island Cheese OSC Veg.
Squash Marina De Chioggia OSC Veg.
Squash Sebring Hybrid OSC Veg.
Squash Spaghetti OSC Veg.
Squash Golden Summer Crookneck OSC Veg.
Squash Honey Baby Hybrid OSC Veg.
Squash Sunshine F1 OSC Veg.
Squash Sweet Dumpling OSC Veg.
Squash Sweet Potato Delicata OSC Veg.
Squash Long White Bush (Vegetable Marrow) OSC Veg.
Squash Early White Scallop OSC Veg.
Squash Total Eclipse Hybrid OSC Veg.
Sweet Corn Golden Bantam OSC Veg.
Sweet Corn Peaches & Cream Early OSC Veg.
Sweet Corn Sunnyvee OSC Veg.
Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant OSC Veg.
Swiss Chard Rhubarb Chard OSC Veg.
Swiss Chard Bright Lights OSC Veg.
Swiss Chard Peppermint OSC Veg.
Swiss Chard Fantasia Orange OSC Veg.
Tomato Beefsteak OSC Veg.
Tomato Better Boy VFN OSC Veg.
Tomato Big Beef Hybrid OSC Veg.
Tomato Candyland OSC Veg.
Tomato Namib OSC Veg.
Tomato Honey Bunch Red OSC Veg.
Tomato Banana Leggs OSC Veg.
Tomato Black Cherry OSC Veg.
Tomato Bonny Best Improved OSC Veg.
Tomato Brandywine OSC Veg.
Tomato Celebrity Hybrid OSC Veg.
Tomato Cherokee Purple OSC Veg.
Tomato Golden Queen or Jubilee OSC Veg.
Tomato Ground Cherry /Husk OSC Veg.
Tomato Old German OSC Veg.
Tomato Patio Hybrid OSC Veg.
Tomato Pink Ponderosa OSC Veg.
Tomato Roma VF OSC Veg.
Tomato Aunt Ruby’s German Green OSC Veg.
Tomato Sweetie OSC Veg.
Tomato Tiny Tim OSC Veg.
Tomato Tomatillo Toma Verde OSC Veg.
Turnip Purple Top White Globe OSC Veg.
Watermelon Crimsom Sweet OSC Veg.
Watermelon Sugar Baby OSC Veg.
Watermelon Tendersweet Orange OSC Veg.
Zucchini Squash Dark Green OSC Veg.
Alpine Strawberry Minonette OSC Veg. 2022
Beans Gold Rush OSC Veg. 2022
Beet Kestrel OSC Veg. 2022
Cucumber Slicemore OSC Veg. 2022
Peas Early Frosty OSC Veg. 2022
Spinach Countryside OSC Veg. 2022
Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow OSC Veg. 2022