Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, known as “MSM” is a naturally
occurring sulphur compound that improves joint health, reducing
inflammation and muscle and tendon soreness caused by training,
injury, arthritis (degenerative joint disease) and epiphysitis.
MSM an excellent dietary source of sulfur that all cells require. MSM is
not only essential for the production of cartilage, but also for
production of keratin (hair, skin, hooves) as well as many
enzymes and hormones that ensure proper digestion, central nervous
and immune function.
MSM is also, a powerful antioxidant, helping to reduce oxidative
cellular damage by enhancing the production of glutathione. In a study
with 24 thoroughbred race horses, glutathione levels were enhanced
when horses were supplemented with MSM, therefore enhancing
recovery, post exercise.
The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits of MSM are
profound. Arthritis is the gradual degradation of joint cartilage that
occurs with age, normal wear and tear from everyday use and injury.
Gradual stiffness and reduced joint mobility, swelling, are symptomatic
which often leads to complete erosion of cartilage.


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